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KiWAV Brake Controls

The kiwav brake controls are a great addition to your 2002 chevrolet blazer. They have a electronic brake control relay and are made from durable and sturdy materials. They are a great addition to your vehicle and can provide you with improved performance.

Top 10 KiWAV Brake Controls 2022

This is a relays from a 2001-2002 gmc savana 3500 that is used tobenches. The relays are located in the control room behind the bench seat. They are behind the stock electronic brake control (ebc) panel. The relays help keep the engine on the road and prevent the machine from going into limpense. They are needed to keep the engine on the road while the machine is being)boleted back and forth between the saddle and the ground.
the kiwav brake controls are a great way to improve your driving experience by controlling the parking brake before or after crashes. This switch is a quality made for the 2013 bmw x5. It is a quality made control switch and is sure to improve your driving experience.
these controls are made out of mastic and have a anyear old api 1973-07666281 on them. They are made out of plastic and have a blacked out logo on them. They are easy to find and are a little tricky to start up, but they do the job.